The Hirst Printmaking print shop is based in a 1300 sqft space and is a non-toxic, solvent free press.  The space is designed for community use and features equipment and technology to produce traditional prints as well as non traditional approaches towards contemporary printmaking.  Experimentation is encouraged.
Takash Etching Press  Bed size: 30” x 60”
Conrad Etching Press  Bed size: 15” x 30”
Intaglio/ Relief:
Platemaker Exposure Unit
Vertical Etching Tanks
ImageOn Prep Area
Light Table: 48” x 30”
Paper Prep Area
Rollers and Brayers
Ink Stations
Miscellaneous Equipment
Vacuum Table: 48” x 36”
Large Format Exposure Unit
Washout Booth with Power Sprayer
Numerous Screens